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We’re a team with a passion for marketing, we love what we do and this shows in our work. We offer high-quality services, not because we’re the best in the field, but because we make a point of not working in a superficial manner and we believe that each partner deserves our whole attention when we conceive and implement their campaigns.

How does our work process look like?

1. Analysis

We don’t like working superficially, which is why before talking about any campaign, we want to do a complete scan of your company, your website, your potential customers and your competitors. Only after this analysis, we can identify the strong points of your brand, your unique selling proposition, but also the elements that should be improved.

2. Base activities

At this stage, we will work together to solve as many of the elements that we identified as problematic. These could include the website’s functionality, the copywriting, the segmentation of your client lists based on different criteria and other activities. It’s vital that we create a flawless experience for your potential customers before we begin any type of campaign.

3. Strategy

After taking care of the base activities, we can develop the strategy; we’ll choose the most appropriate communication channels and we’ll choose the best approach for each of them. Together we’ll choose the budgets, we’ll set realistic objectives, we’ll create the work plans, and after all this is done, we’ll begin working on implementation.

4. Promotion and optimization

We’ll constantly look at the campaign’s results and we’ll optimize them periodically to improve the results. Because the marketing field is very dynamic, we’ll have to test several approaches in order to identify the winning formula. This way, we’ll manage to better understand your business and the behavior of your target market and to identify the messages that your potential customers best resonate with.


Our approach is a bit different and we won’t try to convince you of the benefits of a certain marketing channel before doing a complete scan of your website and your products or services. Only after we have a clear image about your business, we’ll draw our strategy and we’ll present our approach. Together, we’ll decide on the final version of the strategy and we’ll begin working on implementation.

We listen to your business’ needs and then we’ll offer you a complete analysis with the purpose of improving your performance. We take into consideration several factors, such as the website, the marketing channels that you already use, but also the nature of your products and services; to identify your business’ strong points and weaknesses. After all this, we’ll come up with a series of proposals for improving your potential customer’s experience.
We create a long term marketing strategy, in which we’ll show you clearly what steps you should take to improve your online presence and to emphasize the unique selling proposition of your business. We’ll also look at the market trends and the campaigns developed by of your competitors to be able to come up with a current and original approach.
Google Adwords
We identify the keywords that your potential customers use and we craft attractive messages to bring them on your website. We’ll also create an ideal customer profile, based on statistics and we’ll reach out to them by showing your ads on the websites they’re already using. Besides, we’ll retarget people who have already visited your website and convince them to return and become your customers.
Facebook Ads
With the help of Facebook Ads, you can easily reach your potential customers, because they already spend a considerable amount of time there. With a clear image of the ideal customer’s profile in mind, we can work together to establish who should see your ads. We can target people based on different indicators, such as location, interests, age and even online behavior.
Google Analytics
We look at your clients’ behavior and we measure the results of our campaigns using Google Analytics. We test and measure each campaign, until we find the most efficient formula for your business. We’ll send you monthly detailed reports and our interpretation, in order to continually improve the entire online activity.
E-mail Marketing
Email Marketing can bring you great results, if you communicate your message in a coherent manner to your potential clients. We’ll help you segment your data base, create original and attractive messages for each group and identify the best time for sending the campaigns. Besides, we constantly look at the generated results and we find new ways of improving the performances of the campaigns.
Social Media
With our help, you can be present in an environment your clients are already familiar with. We create and publish content on Social Media to help your business communicate about your products and services. The copywriting should be coherent, consistent, and most importantly, it should use the same tone as all the other channels your brand uses.
We’ll help you create a strategy, a work plan, a series of realistic objectives and we’ll identify the best approach for each channel. Together, we’ll set up recurrent meetings, where we’ll answer your questions and help you interpret the results of the campaigns and we’ll establish what the next steps are.

About us

We’re a small team with big plans, we like to analyze everything from several perspectives before we reach a conclusion and we are always focused on quality and results. We learn from each interaction and we are always evolving. We see marketing as a long term process and we don’t believe in campaigns made without a well-thought strategy behind. We believe that a good campaign should be interesting, memorable, funny and never annoying.

Why UPlead?

Because we don’t think of you as a client, but as a partner, along which we want to evolve and improve our results. Basically, we are your external marketing department, always willing to discuss and re-evaluate the company’s objectives and to align our strategies.

For us, marketing means more than Adwords and Facebook Ads, it means creating a unified strategy, choosing the most appropriate promotional channels, taking the company’s field and the target market’s profile into consideration. More than that, it means constant analysis and optimization. For us, it’s not enough to just come up with a creative campaign idea and implementing it, but we have to watch it closely, see how the public reacts to it and always learn from the results.

We truly believe that details make all the difference, that’s why we spend quite a lot of time discussing each element, no matter how trivial it might seem. We appreciate well-crafted things, that’s why we don’t rush into implementing campaigns before understanding our partner’s field of activity.

This is precisely why we take into consideration our partner’s proposals; any information that comes from a person from within the company can help us to better understand their potential clients and to craft the most appropriate messages for them.

What defines us?

Energy, passion, quality. Open-minded, transparent and the desire to always evolve and improve.

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Our team

Meet your new marketing team!

We couldn’t evolve if we wouldn’t have the right people for each role. We believe that a well-knit team is as important as the potential customers.

Adrian Covaciu
Sales Manager
Fivia Covaciu
Graphic Designer
Lorena Ana
Content Specialist


We love to discuss about new projects, whether it’s an innovative new app or a hand-crafted product. We don’t hold our ideas for ourselves, so if you’d like to discuss about the project you’re working on, we’ll be happy to have you over for a coffee! It doesn’t matter if we’ll end up working together or not, because we understand the value of an idea exchange and we believe that’s the only way to evolve.

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